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About Us

We are a Tipperary based company with equipment installed all over Ireland. We supply and maintain Intruder Alarms, CCTV and livestock monitoring equipment for both businesses and private homes. Our Security products never sleep, working around the clock securing your valuable properties and way of life. The use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) equipment in daily life has become a worldwide trend. CCTV equipments play a fundamental role in a surveillance system that will secure your property, monitor people and traffic as well as effectively reduce crime. CCTV is all around us, from the boutique to the main gate of the power station, the service station, private houses to farm yards, covering all aspects of the agriculture and the equestrian sectors. More and more organizations recognize the value of CCTV as an everyday aid to: 

  • Protect Livestock
  • Increase Staff efficiency
  • Provide a record of events
  • Quantitative confirmation
  • Enhanced vision

Our company offers a complete series of camera products from regular box cameras, IR day/night cameras, Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, IP Cameras and more to match every different environment you might encounter. Our security cameras are high-quality, easy to install and offer a reliable means of protecting your property and your life. At the same time our Real-Time DVR (Digital Video Recorder) combines the latest security technology with innovative design that greatly enhances the safety of your environment. MPEG-4 compression gives you real time recording and playback. Its powerful network ability offers you borderless control. When connected to mobile phone via GPRS, you can even remotely access your DVR wirelessly. Your DVR is not just a normal security device; it’s also your must-have Household/Business appliance that will guard your precious anytime and anywhere.

Quality Hkc Alarm Products

We use only top quality products, all approved under the European standard EN50131 which is overseen by the Private Security Authority through it’s licensing procedure.

Why choose a HKC Alarm System?

HKC  Alarms is an Irish company and was established over two decades ago to serve the growing needs of the Irish security market and since then has been successfully serving  the sector and are now market leaders. The Company has a proven track record and is trusted by installers and specifiers.

HKC is now a growing force in the UK, a market it entered in 2011 and has rapidly become a trusted brand delivering high quality, value for money, intruder alarm products..

The Company is renowned for its range of electronic security products, including wired, hybrid, and wireless security control panels and is also a significant manufacturer of communicators, keypads, internal sounders, external sounders, detectors, personal safety devices and power supplies.

HKC has, since 1990, manufactured the SecureWatch range of wired control panels complete with a suite of detection and warning devices. In 2010, to meet growing market demand, the Company launched SecureWave  – its new two-way wireless technology platform to complement its extensive range of wired systems.

HKC has a proven track record and is trusted by both alarm system installers and specifiers in providing excellent innovative solutions at a competitive price.

HKC’s vision is to build on that track record and create world class products for new markets

Our Vision:

  • To combine technical excellence with a superior understanding of client needs and the environment in which our clients operate.
  • To continually develop our products and services to enable our clients to meet their goals and provide solutions for our clients with a superior product and outstanding service.
  • To work with individuals, local organizations and national partners to increase their reach and impact.